Online doctor consultation is the process of getting medical advice from doctors in the comfort of your home or any place you desire with the help of the Internet.

With the development of the digital age and because of this pandemic, online doctor consultation has become more popular. So, let’s learn some of the advantages of online doctor consultation.

Top 5 Advantages of an Online Doctor Consultation

More Convenient

When you have to go to the hospital, even for minor health problems or a general health checkup, there are hundreds of procedures and formalities that you need to take care of before you get to visit your doctor.

Also, those long queues and waiting for your turn every single time can give anyone a headache. So, if you are looking for convenience, online doctor consultation is the best solution.

From the comfort of your home, you can get in touch with doctors and easily get medical advice. So no more waiting, no more long queues, and no more hectic formalities when you choose online doctor consultation. 

No Need for Travel

We all know how hard and risky it can be for patients to travel from home to hospital and again back home. And now, with this ongoing pandemic, the task of taking patients to the hospital for checkups has become an Achilles heel.

So, online doctor consultation is a massive advantage during a pandemic since you don’t have to travel. You can safely start your consultation online from home. Tell your doctor how you feel over the Internet and get counseling. You can do all this at your convenience. 

Saves Time, Money and Energy

As mentioned above, getting a medical consultation from a doctor online ensures that you don’t have to travel physically to the hospital for your health checkup.

You can go to the Internet and easily get in touch with your doctor online to get a medical consultation within a few minutes. There is no waiting in lines or rushing to go from one ward to another. So, it saves your time, energy, and travel costs. 

Stops Self Diagnosis

Some of us have the habit of Googleing and self-diagnosing every health problem. It seems like a viable solution as going to the hospital for every minor health problem can be frenetic and tedious. So why not just Google it, right?

However, we need to understand that, though Google has the answer to everything, it doesn’t mean that those answers are correct because Google is not a doctor. And we should not take chances like that when it comes to our health.

So, the best alternative is to book an online doctor consultation and ask the actual doctors for the solutions to your health problem. 

Breaks the Barrier of Location Restriction 

Nepal has lots of geographical restrictions. There are no proper roads and other infrastructure facilities, specifically in rural areas, making it harder for patients to go to the hospital.

Also, we have tight mobility restrictions around our borders and regional areas during this pandemic. Patients are having difficulty meeting their doctor for the first time or attending follow-up appointments due to this. 

So, with the help of online doctor consultation, you can break the barrier of location restriction. The Internet can be readily available even in places with no roads or other infrastructure, making it easier for patients to get medical advice in time.  


Hence, there are many advantages of online doctor consultation as it is more convenient, saves your time, energy & cost, stops you from self-diagnosing, no need for traveling, and breaks the barrier of location restriction.