What our patients say about us.

My overall experience with Doctors On Call (DOC) at our home was fantastic! They arrived in an hour or so and I was greeted by Dr. Mohan and team. He was very pleasant and treated my mother with care, this was just what I needed. An at-home doctor who would just provide his attention to my mother instead of being in a waiting room for the doctor to finish up with other patients. And the best part was that I was able to have phone consultations with the doctor even after my visit. I truly recommend Doctors On Cal (D)C) to anyone and everyone!

Rabi Maharjan

Programmer, Techroadians

My wife and I would like to thank Dr. Suman and the team at the Doctors On Call (DOC) in Kamalpokhari for their courtesy, knowledge, demeanor, and efficiency. We both had the need to visit the urgent care within the past 3 weeks but DOC was so much cheaper and faster while doing it in the comfort of your home. I found every one form the receptionist, to the scheduling and of course the actual doctor to be top notch. This team personifies what prompt care should be and, while I do not wish to fall sick again, I will happily make DOC my choice for urgent care in the future.

Hari Bastola

Farmer, Krishi Sanstha

I wasn’t planning on cutting my vacation short due to a minor emergency so when the hotel concierge let me know of a doctor who would come to me I was thrilled! I got a hold of the Doctors on Call team and let them know my information and location. Dr. Suyesh and team arrived and gave me a checkup in a short amount of time, he let me know of my diagnostics and prescribed me some medicine and I was ready to go on with my vacation just like that. I recommend the Doctor on Call (DOC) for any tourist who comes and need some medical assistance, thank you Dr. Suyesh!

Shyam Bhandari

Artist, Vocal Analytics Company

Doctor Consultation

(Doctor Visit at Home)

Every once in a while, you’re bound to need to consult with a doctor for general health check-up, seasonal fever, acute diseases, chronic illness, and more. It many situations, we are physically weak and prefer to stay at home and even a visit to a doctor seems an uphill task. If given an option we would rather prefer a doctor to give us a visit, rather than we having to visit him personally.

To fill this void, DOC has begun to provide healthcare service at home and that too at reasonable costs compared to traditional hospitals and nursing homes. The home visit doctors are qualified professionals and provide consultation to treatment and help you throughout your recovery process. The best part about in-home doctor service is you will be treated in the comfort of your home, surrounded by your family members.