DOC Core Care Standards

People who use the services of the Trust have the right and expectation to the following Core Care Standards:


We will find out with you what your needs are. We’ll explain what’s happening.

Care Planning:

You will have a clear care plan. You’ll be offered a copy of this, including who to contact in an emergency.


We will check that things are working for you. You can involve a friend or relative in this.


Your care will be coordinated. Someone will be there to make sure things work for you.

Discharge & Transfer:

We will make sure your transfer or discharge works well. We’ll make sure everyone involved knows what’s happening.

Families & Carers:

We will work with families and carers. We’ll offer advice and support wherever possible.

Involvement & Choice:

You will be involved as much as you want and are able to be. You can ask for a change of worker if you wish.


We will help manage risks to you and others. We’ll also safeguard children and vulnerable adults.


We will help you and others to keep as safe as you can be.