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About Us

Doctors on Call Nepal is constantly working in making health care accessible, affordable & equitably available via means of providing home based care services and digital health care services: strengthening health care delivery eco system.

Doctors on call (DOC) Nepal is one of the leading home healthcare service providers commenced with an entirely new concept in health sector to deliver hassle free, convenient, quality home healthcare facilities by experienced and qualified medical professionals Doctors, Physiotherapist, Dietician , Nurses, Health assistants etc.

This is the Modern approach of care changing the healthcare environment. DOC is the easy way to health to your doorstep; at your comfort zone for you and your loved ones with just a phone call or intimation of message.


Our Aim

Our aim is to meet the health and wellbeing needs of every individual specially our CHRONICALY ILL PATIENTS, HOUSEBOUND/BEDRIDDEN PATIENTS AND AGED/ELDERLY population by providing the best service we can, and promoting individual choice, recovery and independence. We believe everyone has the right to:

  • Have optimum health
  • Fulfil their potential
  • Be valued and respected
  • Make informed choices
  • Be heard and understood
  • Feel safe and supported
  • Have all their needs and preferences considered including:

Race, Economic circumstances, Gender, Age, Religion or belief, Disability, Sexuality, mental health and physical wellbeing, emotional and psychological needs, family, parental and social needs.
DOC service provision is based on operational values and principles of care. DOC believes that for services to be effective, we should be based on sound values, principles, standards and an understanding of the fundamental and needs of the people.

Our Vision

  • Making Healthcare Accessible, Affordable and Equitably Available.

Our Mission

Together, for providing better accessible, affordable and equitably available healthcare services for all through intervention of ICTs that set health and social care standards, to help in recovery, promote wellness and help in regaining independence and are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective manner wherever and whenever required.

Our Values

  • Caring and Compassion: By our words and actions, we strive to create a caring environment for everyone whom we serve and work with. We recognize our co-workers’ diverse and unique contributions. We provide our patients and customers with a compassionate health care experience.
  • Service above all: We just don’t want our clients to be pleased with the products and services of DOC, we want them to be delighted.
  • Integrity: We are honest, dependable, and consistent in all our endeavors.
  • Teamwork: We work collaboratively for our common goals, building relationships based on mutual respect and open communication.
  • Innovation: We continuously introduce new healthcare products and services. Always challenge the status quo to provide better care and improve overall patient experience.

Value Proposition

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Frequently Asked Questions & Popular Topics

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Who needs us?

You need us if you are:

  • A bedridden patient and need medical attention at home
  • A patient who needs physiotherapy services at home
  • A patient suffering from hypertension, diabetes, fever or other conditions.
  • A diabetic with a foot infection and you require wound-care at home.
  • A geriatric patient who doesn’t want to wait outside the hospital to get the treatment at home.
  • A senior with little or no family support close to you and you recently had a surgery or are otherwise unwell.
  • A patient who needs ECG, Digital X-Rays, Laboratory services and pharmacy services at home.

How much do we charge?

We charge according to the doctor visiting, the condition of the patient, location of the patient etc. To know more please contact us on 01-4011666.

How we work?

We act as a synergy between the patient and the doctors so as to make home visits by doctors as easy and cost effective as possible.

Is it 24x7 available?

Yes, we provide 24×7 service at your doorstep anywhere anytime with proper medication equipment.

Do I get a complementary doctor visit along with other services from DOC?

Yes. Depending on the patient’s need, you will get complementary doctor visits with our care + packages and nursing services.

How often a DOC doctor will visit me?

The frequency of doctor visits varies depending on the patient’s needs and treatment plan.